Audit & Assurance

The firm endeavors to understand the client and its business needs before chalking out an audit programme.

      I) Statutory Audits

The guiding principal of a statutory audit assignment is to ensure that the financial statements prepared by the management give a true and fair view. We review compliance with accounting procedures, provisions of various law, standards and guidelines in accordance with the Generally Accepted Accounting principles to ensure that financial statements are free of any misstatements, errors and discrepancies.

The Firm is also Statutory Auditors of Various Co - Nationalize Bank as well as Co-Operative Bank and Corporate entity.

      II) Tax Audits

We conduct Tax Audit of assesses as required under Section 44 AB of the Indian Income Tax Act. This involves reporting on the certain factual details by assesses to the Income Tax Department to enable proper assessment of tax by the Department Internal Audits.

An internal audit is a vital tool in corporate governance. It provides independent assurance that the key risks facing an organization have been identified and managed, and that systems and controls are robust and appropriate.

The firm have also various internal Audits of the Banks and other Organisations.

      III) Compliance Audits

We conduct compliance and secretarial audits. It helps strengthen the Corporate Governance in an organization. Compliance audit assists Audit Committee Board by providing the status of various management compliances.

It also assists in evaluating of the effectiveness of internal control and compliance mechanism within an organization.

      IV) System Audit

Audits are no more restricted to accounts related tick and bash, which, in our case, has become a minor part of the overall gamut of activities covered. Process flows in an organization are mapped along with their internal controls etc. as part of an audit, other than checking into routine accounts etc.

      V) Concurrent Audit

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